A Very Little Christmas


Each year Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner, and it seems like they start playing carols everywhere just that tiny little bit further out from December too, don't you think? This year Little Monster Studio has been getting into the Christmas spirit since August, recording a diverse set of songs from a loosely affiliated group of local bands. “A Very Little Christmas” is the resulting album

Download for free from Mediafire in either a higher quality 320kpbs MP3 (145Mb) or as 160kbps (79Mb) MP3. We'd love for as many people as possible to hear it, so please share it with everyone.

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Full Tracklisting

1. Bannerman - Lost Christmas

2. Hold Dear – Anthem For An Orphan

3. The Crawley Christmas Singers – I Don’t Wanna Think About It

4. The Gladeyes – Carols and Parties

5. Dear Time's Waste – The Drink

6. Glass Owls - December

7. Bear Cat – This Christmas, All I Really Want Is To Love Somebody

8. Alaska – Oh Holy Night

9. Cool Rainbows – Grown Ups Christmas

10. Chelsea Jade & James Duncan – French Kissmas

11. Canadia – Apparently It's Christmas

12. The Bayonets – Winter Bells

13. Timothy Blackman – Christmas Bells

14. Luckless – Christmas Morning

15. Tono and the Finance Company - Orphans

16. Great North – A Guiding Star

17. Jocee Tuck – Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

18. Artisan Guns - This Year

Also available as a limited edition CD in stores or order online;

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